Meet Us At ICE In London, UK

In case you are interested in KeyCorp Media and you really want to meet us (and/or greet us), you can find us at ICE Londen from the 5th until the 7th of February. Come meet us and let us inspire you, or let us be inspired by you! We can tell you in person what our services include and what we can do for you and your business. Get a tailored solution to your business problem, let us be your knight in shining armor.

But what is ICE exactly?

They call their selves ‘the Global Gaming Hub for all B2B industry experts’. This grand exhibition is being held in Londen, (the United Kingdom). Every year, for years, and years to come. When it comes to the best leading game technology events, ICE London is one of a kind. There is no other as popular and well visited as ICE London compared to other gaming technology events. ICE London is the place to be when it comes to leading gaming technology for business growth, development and networking. If we must believe the numbers, there where an incredible 33,536 attendees in 2018 alone. If you compare this number to the year before, you will see a growth of 11%! Which goes to show how big and innovative ICE London really is. If you are not visiting ICE as a company which is specialized in (online) gaming, you are not worth mentioning.


It is still possible to get tickets for ICE London. It takes place at ExCel, London (the United Kindom). It is located about 10 minutes from Canary Wharf, at the center of London’s Royal Docks. It is possible to plan your journey ahead, at the ICE London website an interactive map will help you with this matter. If you want to know more, we suggest you to visit the ICE London website. Here you can find all the information you’ll need.