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Affiliate Marketing

There are several options and opportunities to advertise online today, but one of the most popular ways to do this is through Affiliate Marketing. The basis of the Affiliate concept is as follows; Advertisers pay a fee, or reward to the affiliates (also often called publishers) when they introduce new (buying) customers through the internet. In an affiliate program there are advantages for the advertisers but also for the affiliates. We are happy to explain what kind of technology this is and what the marketing opportunities are.

Affiliate marketing, what is it really?

An affiliate marketing program amounts to forwarding unique visitors from one website to another. With the result that one makes an interesting commercial transaction, thinking of buying something, booking or asking for a quote. The first website a unique visitor will stumble upon will be an informative blog, a valuation or comparison site that can be found by means of search engines such as Google or Bing! Subsequently, the advertiser contacts the owner of a website in a particular niche with the question whether a banner, text link or products can be placed. This banner or text link invites unique visitors to click on it and they are referred to a new page. Giving information with a unique ID with every click is very important, by this the company can check how much interest and sales there are.

It is very important that advertisers can count on a firm with a lot of experience to ensure that the affiliate marketing program runs optimal and the chance of success increases. KeyCorp Media can help you with this! Good access to the very best networks and affiliates is of the utmost importance, we can also offer support with preparations of ​​banners and promotional texts. Contact us for more information about affiliate marketing.

Affiliate Networks

A system where you can view and manage your affiliate campaign. It is a place where publishers who are connected to the relevant network can sign up for your campaign. Or just a system where you as a publisher can find the advertisers you are looking for.

Well-known names are networks like Daisycon, TradeTracker, Amazon and many more. It is important that these Affiliates, apart from good technology, have one of the best networks with access to different publishers. The aforementioned affiliates will only be interested in a text link and banners if they think that the income from the lead payment is considered promising. This can be stimulated by a relevant network.

There are thousands of products to find in their affiliate systems to promote. Also affiliate marketing for online casinos is very popular. If you advertise online casinos, poker or bingo websites on your website, you will earn a percentage of the players’ loss. KeyCorp Media has extensive experience with casino affiliate programs.

Are you curious and do you want to know more about the different possibilities? Or do you want to receive more information and do you want to see some examples? Or are you thinking about advertising online yourself? Please contact us and we are happy to help you!

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