Headquarters Based In Talin, Estonia

The Headquarters of KeyCorp Media is located in Estonia (Talin). Estonia has a healthy economy and has for years been one of the lowest budget deficits in Europe. The tourist economy in Estonia is still very small, the tourists coming to the country are mainly in the capital Tallinn or on one of the Estonian islands. The capital Tallinn is particularly popular with tourists because of it’s historic center.

You can divide Talin in two parts: Vanalinn, the historic city center of Tallinn, is centrally located. If you would remove the cars, modern street lighting and all kinds of logos from the facades, you could imagine yourself back in the Middle Ages. The old city center of the town, which for years was known as Reval, is so well preserved that in 1997, Unesco placed the historic city center on the World Heritage List. The part of Tallinn that is outside the city walls has had its most important growth period during the Soviet Union. The Russians have converted Tallinn into a Soviet stronghold in a few decades. Just before the fall of the Soviet Union, more Russians lived in Tallinn. After the regained independence Tallinn has undergone a transformation that is still going on.

The typical Russian housing blocks around the center have largely been replaced by new buildings. In particular, the districts of Maakri and Kompassi have become modern European neighborhoods, where there is less and less to be seen from the Soviet era. For tourists it is nice to also explore this part of Tallinn. For example, there is the Rotermanni quarter, where old factory buildings have been transformed into a trendy urban district by blending with modern city architecture.

Why Estonia?

Estonia is located in the northeast point of Europe and is the smallest and easternmost country in the Baltic states. Estonia is a member of the European Union and is also one of the Schengen countries. Since 2011, the euro is the official currency of the country. This makes Estonia an ideal place to locate your company. The country is in the center of it all, and because it is a member of Europe, the international regulations concerning trade and taxes are subjected to European law. Not to mention the open borders.